for me, "artistic freedom" is not a permission slip to do what you want. artistic freedom is being able to do what you want to do. three-four years ago i was drawing and painting abstract things all the time. not because i wanted to, but because i wasn't able to do anything else. i didn't know how to draw.
    we had a discussion about this on the first year of the art school i'm currently in: doing things in a certain way, not because you want to do them like that but because you don't know how to do them in any other way. painting abstract paintings - not because you want to be "an abstract painter" but simply because whenever you try to do anything representational, it looks like it's done by a seven-year-old.
    that is not artistic freedom, that is an artistic jail.
    artist never needs anyone's permission. there are no rules. but there are limits: the limits of your own skills.
    but they can be pushed further. and further.
    all it takes is practice.