the latest album of risto was crammed down my mail slot this morning

i tried to draw how listening to the album feels like

they've chosen the right cover

horrible, fragmented.. floating
as if was dropped between dimensions


(what's this glögi?? well here you go.)


there are no dull things.

anything is exiting and wonderful when you draw it.


 this is what i've done last week and today

oil on canvas, something around 30 x 40 cm.

oil on wood, maybe 20 x 40. or could it be 15 x 40? gotta measure.


diary page coloured with crayons and scratched.

one of the works from mixed media course. indian ink & watercolour on mdf board.
text: as long as there is booze available, it will be drunk.

18. & 19.11.2013

(the cursing hedgehog is a really shitty finnish comic strip)
(far too shitty to be linked)


"in fact, i made a graph! ...i make a lot of graphs."

lisa simpson, my favourite namesake ever.


well what's new, pissed off by all sorts of things. but i'm starting to find the same easiness with wacom that i have with paper and pen.