horus and anubis witnessing the discovery of the galactic panther messiah who had wandered astray


i installed krita and am now like a child in a candy shop with all these brushes!!


annoying that the light moves during the day. should make a different picture for morning and noon.

this became better when i scaled it smaller than the original.


model painting continues. the teacher won't understand. tomorrow i'll make pixel art so he'll understand even less.


i bought a painting. it costed one euro.

i hung it above my bed so i'll wake up happy every day.


 cutesy wutesy

hello kitty looks distorted cause stitches in a knitting aren't squares.


it seems i didn't save these in xcf so i'll have to translate these as captions

i don't know how to use an eraser anymore. 
i've drawn so long without one that i don't know how to use one anymore.
what this leads to is that a picture has to be successful at once, so for every succeeded picture there are a million billion failed ones.
on the other hand, both "success" and "failure" depend on the definition.
is it relevant that in this picture the eyes are of different size and wrongly placed?
(no, because this picture is meaningless in its every aspect.)

on the one hand, there are many mediums that make correcting the mistakes impossible.
on the other hand, there are many mediums that make correcting the mistakes possible.
it might be quite nice to be able to fix one's mistakes when one sees them anyway.
then again: what does it matter?
ville ranta said that you'll learn to draw once you dump pencils.
well i dumped the eraser, it has the same effect.
i guess there's nothing else to do but to observe the development.